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 Performing Literary Texts  For Author Development,  Writer  Retreats, and  Social Justice Events


Novel Readings believes that the simple act of performing literary works can change the world. 

For authors, we provide a unique approach to developing your work: hearing it spoken by professional actors, cast specifically to bring your characters and narration to life.   

We also create unique events centered on the performance of literary texts 

that promote under-represented voices with an eye toward social justice.

We work  virtually or live, one-on-one or in larger scenarios.  As numerous studies indicate, or as anyone who's read their own work out loud can attest, our brain experiences information aurally in profoundly different ways than it does visually. Let Novel Readings help your hear your words.

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Take your work

to the next level.


writer retreats/

Dazzle your participants with the ultimate value added.

Sponsor an event furthering social justice

with tangible return on your impact investment.

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