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 Corporate Social Justice Events 


Philanthropy is catching up with the times.  Gone are the days when corporations would simply donate a percentage of profit to charitable causes.  Issues of accountability and social justice demand true investment impact.  Nothing shows you’re putting your money where your mouth is like teaming with Novel Readings to create a social justice event. 

Let Novel Readings produce a unique performance of literary texts that highlights the challenges facing your field, such as sexism, ageism, homophobia, religious persecution, ableism or transphobia.  With your input, we will curate a performance that educates, engages and enlightens more than another lecture or workshop will.  And all the proceeds can go to a charity of your choice.  

STEM, Finance, Industry/Retail: 

Tired of just issuing another statement in the face of an atrocity? 

Then do something about it. 

Create a Novel Readings event

that actually addresses issues social justice.

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