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  • Where can I see examples of your work?
    For examples of our development work with authors, click here. For examples of our company/corporate social justice events, click here. To visit our YouTube channel and see all of our stuff, click here.
  • I'm a writer - what services do you provide for me exactly?
    Novel Readings hires actors to read your work to you and give you whatever feedback, if any, you want.
  • I'm a writers retreat/writing program. What service do you offer for me exactly?
    Novel Readings will provide an ensemble of actors to read writers' work to them over the course of a day, weekend or week.
  • I'm a company. What services do you offer to me?
    Novel Readings will create a bespoke theatrical event for your corporation. We can work in concert with a not-for-profit charity, to highlight an issue of social justice or EDI that you'd like to feature. Or, we can create a bespoke event to address a topic of singular interest to your company or culture.
  • Is hearing words really different than reading them?
    Yes. Please check out the followings link for research and video to start getting those aural juices flowing. Does Modality Matter? The Effects of Reading, Listening, and Dual Modality on Comprehension by Beth A. Rogowsky, Barbara M. Calhoun, Paula Tallal The keynote address at 'The International Webinar on Online EFL Teaching and Assessment in the New Normal', Organized by University of Lampung, Indonesia delivered by Dr. Vahid Aryadoust.
  • Can you discuss sensitivity in casting?
    Absolutely. One of the greatest issues facing writers today is authenticity writing a character outside of the author's experience: see the best practice of sensitivity/authenticity readers. Novel Readings will always cast appropriately ito honor the character's race, gender identity, orientation, ableness and experience. For an additional fee, we can provide counselors trained in Anti-Racism, EDI and/or LGBTQIA+ areas to faciliate conversations that will help you get to that character's truth. For more reading: The Own Voices Movement Writing Outside Your Experience
  • How do you faciliate the discussion?
    All of the Novel Readings directors have years of new work discussion experience, and if you choose to have any discussion of your work, it will be entirely on your terms. As a general default, we use Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process which consists of four steps: Step 1: Responders state what was meaningful, evocative, interesting, exciting, and/or striking in the work they have just witnessed. Step 2: The artist asks questions about the work. In answering, responders stay on topic with the question and may express opinions in direct response to the artist’s questions Step 3: Responders ask neutral questions about the work, and the artist responds if they choose to. Step 4 (optional): Responders state opinions. Again, this is just a template and each discussion will be uniquely constructed based on the author's desires.
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