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Sarah Braunstein

Sweet Relief of Missing Children
W.W. Norton & Company

"Marjorie Lemke"
The New Yorker


"In this collaborative, curious, warm-hearted and FUN setting, I came to understand aspects of the book I hadn't before. The revision process that followed was exhilarating, and I finished my revision within weeks of the session." 

Jesse McKinley

Albany Bureau Chief
The New York Times


"The day after my session, I worked on the book until midnight, after having avoided the manuscript for weeks. And I haven't stopped."

Leslie Daniels

Cleaning Nabokov's House (Simon & Schuster)


"It's utterly different from the solitude of writing; it's play in the best sense and made me yearn for more ..."

Darius Harper

Let Me Count The Ways: A Musical Memoir


"It really helped to hear my work, the subsequent feedback, and about the honest connection to my piece. I was exceedingly satisfied."

James Christy

Love and Communication 
(Release date: 2022)


"It was really thrilling in its own right. Separate from development of the piece or a goal for a better novel, it was really a beautiful experience for me."

Gabra Zackman

The Bod Squad Series
(Simone & Schuster)


"The ideas and insights were remarkable and inspiring, and made my imagination soar in all kinds of ways."

Andrew Mong

Left In The Olive Grove


"I can't decide which was more enjoyable: the experience of having my words read by others or the discussion afterwards. The outpouring of great comments related to the subject matter was so helpful and inspiring."

Beatrice Basso
The Aurelia Diaries


"I loved the feedback from Michael after his first read, which really prompted me into a fruitful rewrite. It felt vulnerable but not embarrassing to witness this work being aired in the world. I have ages and miles to go, but the session gave me confidence and a wish to keep going."

Mitali Perkins

You Bring The Distant Near
Macmillan (FSG)



"Michael's adaptation of my scene into a script started the magic, and then his brilliant casting of the characters continued to enthrall me.  I found myself liking my novel more than I ever had before."

Tanya Guerrero

How to Make Friends
     With The Sea 

Macmillan (FSG)



"I loved revising the script with Michael and discussing casting for the characters.  Overall a fabulous experience!"

E. L. Shen

The Comeback
Macmillan (FSG)

FireShot Capture 489 - Spotlight on AAPI

"I so enjoyed seeing the actors' performances change and give new life to the script with every run-through.  It made the greater importance of the text more real, and more emotionally important for the audience and for myself!"

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